Roomy and Fun – the Boundless Bag by Puzzle Apparel


If you like to be prepared, wherever, whenever, then the Boundless Bag is for you.  With two sturdy exterior pockets and a myriad of interior spots to tuck things away, you can take what you need and keep it organized.  The exterior pockets can be customized with handmade fabric of your choice, allowing you to seek suave sophistication or a cheery fun pop.  As pictured here, the Boundless Bag is customized with a handwoven silk and wool blend by Chris Leith of the Eggemoggin Textile Studio.

Bag.Closeup Bag.FullBody

A satisfying life – Lee Greenewalt’s weaving and farming lifestyle


Lelia “Lee” Greenewalt has woven a life for herself involving her home, Big Sky Farm, in rural Vermont, 5 kids, two weaving studios – one is just for rugs – and skills in spinning, quilting, rug hooking, needle point, crotchet, and knitting.  She tells me her creativity is bound up with where and how she lives.  As Lee describes how interesting and satisfying she finds weaving because it plays with color and mathematics as well as making something useful, I realize that it’s too rare to find someone who sounds so content with their life and work.  She really has found a lifework.  To see some of her weaving in Puzzle Apparel, check out our Sleeveless Epaulet Blouse!LeeGreenewaltBlog1Lee loves to play with color, and she experiments regularly.  Of her four looms, two are dedicated to exploration alone, and she collects odds and ends of yarn so that when she tests new ideas she has a whole palette in front of her.  Much of her inspiration comes from being outdoors.  She laughs, saying “it sounds a little trite to be inspired by landscape, but I really am inspired by color in water and things like that.”  They change every day.

LeeGreenewaltBlog3On a late summer night, Lee looked over the landscape behind her home with the Green Mountains on one side and the Adirondacks on the other.  As the sunset faded from silvery royal blue on one side to gold then pink Lee captured the image in her mind.  The next day she set up a warp with these colors.  I think this is what she means when she says her real skill is in combining colors and textures in exciting ways, but it needs to work with serendipity.

Speaking of serendipity, Lee’s life seems to have unfolded with a healthy dose of it, when you hear her description.  She tried a friend’s loom in high school, then built her own backstrap loom like the kind her brother described to her after visiting Guatemala.  She later arrived in Vermont from Westchester, NY to spend her senior year of high school skiing and hasn’t left since.  Lee attended college and later married and settled there.  She began weaving classes and bought her first real loom in college, bought a production loom when her youngest child was 1 year old, and has been successfully balancing farming, children, and craft for nearly 25 years.

For Lee, color in weaving is like the expression of moving words in a rigid sonnet poetry form.  Perhaps part of serendipity is learning to build creativity into your life no matter what your strictures may be.



Smokin’ Hot and a Bit Demure – the Smoking Jacket Blouse by Puzzle Apparel


Yes, it’s a jacket blouse.  But the Smoking Jacket Blouse by Puzzle Apparel is not as confusing as it sounds.  With a silky drape, bold cuffs, a long collar, and a low cut neck, this top can be worn as a blouse with just a cami under it, or as a jacket over a slim fitting dress (or a wear-to-work top that’s too cold all alone in the AC).  The collar and cuffs are customized here with handwoven silk and wool by Chris Leith of the Eggemoggin Textile Studio.


Always a Lady – The Lady Blouse by Puzzle Apparel


Your luck will definitely be a lady in the Lady Blouse by Puzzle Apparel.  Dress it up or down, this classy blouse has a customizable stand collar, a box pleat at the center front neck, and cuffed short sleeves.  This blouse has been customized with striped handwoven cotton-linen in lush pastels by Esther Sharrigan of Nordic Weevs.